Drive... Far

Master planning is not the same as development.

It is only good stewardship to periodically evaluate your business and your mission. And sometimes you need a radical change to stay ahead of the competition. Done right, a master planning exercise can energize residents, attract employees, increase sales and insulate a community from competition.

At Drive, we believe that master planning cannot be done without a strategic plan. If you've recently completed a strategic plan, now is the best time to engage in a master planning exercise. If you haven't done a strategic plan in a while, get a proposal from us and see how we can help merge your physical assets with a compelling strategic vision, fully appreciating what our focus, passion and insight can tell you about the future.

We've been on the implementation end of comprehensive plans and they always create energy. But we don't believe the creative process at the beginning of those plans is any less exciting and we also don't think they should be a marketing tool for development consultants. They are serious undertakings that need a dedicated effort from a team with development, finance, design, construction and management expertise. That's us.


Drive... Home

Focus, passion and insight to deliver projects built for the future.

To meet the market needs for the coming wave you won't be able to build the same project you delivered 40 years ago. But the industry still want you to work the same process. Safety over innovation. Familiar over future. Until now.

Your project needs a different look at the market and a clear strategic vision for reaching consumers fast. It also needs a delivery process that moves quickly to occupancy while allowing for agility and responsiveness to new information. We learned just that - speed, agility and response to change - as senior living contractors. The cutting edge design management tools, construction scheduling techniques and responsive project controls that allowed us to deliver as builders are now available to the entire development process.

For investors looking to get a return faster and keep communities full regardless of competition, you've found the right spot. For operators who want a development partner who can help you create award winning buildings for your top-notch services, look no further. If you want to see a project run like it was in 1991, we're not for you.

Choosing architects? Hiring contractors? That's the easy part. Let us show you senior living development for the next 40 years.

  • Quantified, rigorous scoring of the suitability of your site for your project.
  • Deep analytics into demographics. Age and income-qualified seniors is just the start.
  • Challenging and refining a business case to create a market niche that is unique and defensible in your market.
  • All-in entitlement and permitting efforts that make partners out of local authorities.
  • Design management that holds to a schedule and produces a physical environment aligned with that market niche.
  • End-to-end project management techniques adapted from cutting edge software design and lean manufacturing to deliver on time with less stress and waste.
  • Unique insight that turns the construction process into a marketing tool.


Drive... Fast

What you need, when you need it. And nothing else.

We were created for clients who wanted to add our ability to fit a new project into a competitive market and then push relentlessly to make it happen. Not only are we focused on senior living, we're focused on using cutting-edge project management strategies to make the complicated process of development as streamlined and efficient as possible.

When our clients engage us for co-development it's because we have one or two or ten of the things they are missing - sometimes just time. We don't want credit, we just want to make our clients successful.

Whether you are an operator rolling out a portfolio, an investor looking to deploy capital or an experienced developer trying to add horsepower, you are probably most of the way to making a project real. Let us add the rest.

Drive.... Confident

The right process will produce the right results.

Alignment of interest isn't just a trite expression we throw around or marketing propaganda. A good owner's rep has to be a bridge to the owner and be a true extension of the business case behind a project. Too often that role is a barrier between execution in the field and the reason the project was originally conceived. If there isn't perfect alignment then perfect results are impossible and we see it as our job to either create or protect that alignment. No more creating problems just to solve them.

We have a toolkit of skills that make projects go faster, run smoother and build resumes for everyone involved. You may not need them all but you should try some.

Here's a sample of what we do

  • Coordinate programming and visioning charrette to create a solid business case.
  • Phasing analysis and optimization to maximize initial investment in land and construction.
  • Selecting the right design team with Choosing By Advantage technique.
  • Budget oversight focused on proper risk allocation and gap/lap avoidance. Buy the right scope from the right party.
  • Agile design scheduling based on best-in-class procedures developed by other industries.
  • Application of kanban and nemawashi techniques from lean production systems for the most efficient overall schedule possible.
  • Permitting and entitlement leadership.
  • Critical utility delivery.
  • Industry-leading constructability review that eliminates change orders and maximizes resident and staff satisfaction.
  • True value engineering that adds value instead of just cutting costs.
  • Constructive challenging of construction estimates to ensure capital is allocated to best use.
  • Tight integration of construction operations with sales/marketing staff.
  • Driving current or future resident engagement by making the project a marketing tool in and of itself.
  • Full representation of project interests with local authorities.
  • Engagement in design, cost and schedule changes - no paper pushing!
  • Dedicated pre-punch and pre-move efforts so turnover and occupancy is easy.
  • Move management including furniture, art and operations technology.

Drive... Safe.

The good news is we've been on both sides of project disbursements. The bad news is that even though we know the process, bad projects still happen. The same techniques we used as contractors and owner's reps helps us pick apart every element of a closing package, identify budget questions and analyze monthly draw requests. In this space, there really are no shortcuts.

Thorough reviews help protect everyone and the last thing anyone needs is a project that struggles financially. By treating investors' money like our own, we scour a project with the other professionals to look for sequencing errors in schedules, quality gaps in execution, performance risk, and financial concerns. And our reports make the important things clear without sacrificing depth.

Drive... Excellence.

A vibrant senior living community actually has nothing to do with real estate. The perfect building in a great location can still fall short of some goals. However you define success, be it occupancy or resident satisfaction or CMS rating or NOI or readmission rates, being "best" is a complicated endeavor. But we can help.

Our team has built a network of experienced operators from organizations large and small, across all levels of care, and even from the hospitality world that we can bring to help you with a specific, measurable goal. We aren't the team to bring you list of ideas. We bring keen insights based on industry insight and then help you implement. And we do it until it's working.

For whatever goals your community wants to realize, for the physical plant and beyond.

Your vision. We Drive.