Drive.... Confident

The right process will produce the right results.

Alignment of interest isn't just a trite expression we throw around or marketing propaganda. A good owner's rep has to be a bridge to the owner and be a true extension of the business case behind a project. Too often that role is a barrier between execution in the field and the reason the project was originally conceived. If there isn't perfect alignment then perfect results are impossible and we see it as our job to either create or protect that alignment. No more creating problems just to solve them.

We have a toolkit of skills that make projects go faster, run smoother and build resumes for everyone involved. You may not need them all but you should try some.

Here's a sample of what we do

  • Coordinate programming and visioning charrette to create a solid business case.
  • Phasing analysis and optimization to maximize initial investment in land and construction.
  • Selecting the right design team with Choosing By Advantage technique.
  • Budget oversight focused on proper risk allocation and gap/lap avoidance. Buy the right scope from the right party.
  • Agile design scheduling based on best-in-class procedures developed by other industries.
  • Application of kanban and nemawashi techniques from lean production systems for the most efficient overall schedule possible.
  • Permitting and entitlement leadership.
  • Critical utility delivery.
  • Industry-leading constructability review that eliminates change orders and maximizes resident and staff satisfaction.
  • True value engineering that adds value instead of just cutting costs.
  • Constructive challenging of construction estimates to ensure capital is allocated to best use.
  • Tight integration of construction operations with sales/marketing staff.
  • Driving current or future resident engagement by making the project a marketing tool in and of itself.
  • Full representation of project interests with local authorities.
  • Engagement in design, cost and schedule changes - no paper pushing!
  • Dedicated pre-punch and pre-move efforts so turnover and occupancy is easy.
  • Move management including furniture, art and operations technology.