Market needs not market sheep.

The biggest mistake most communities make is looking at their market and trying to incrementally "one-up" the competition with this amenity or that program. This pits them in danger of being "one-upped" themselves as soon as someone new follows them into the same market. Our method looks hard at a market study to see what is NOT provided in your market. That's the unique position that leads to smarter fill and long term stability.

Guess who doesn't want the credit.


We're the first fully customizable suite of development services specifically for the senior living industry. There are plenty of great development teams in the senior living space. We aren't trying to trump any of them. In fact, we want your team to get the credit for your project. We get hired specifically and only for the development services you want us to perform. And that's all you pay for.

Innovation, even if it's borrowed.

The real estate industry still has a lot to learn and we love learning. Our partners have studied innovators in other industries and seek to apply best practices to what we do. From Japanese manufacturing, we borrowed lean philosophies and small-batch thinking to make construction happen more smoothly. From the software industry, we borrowed agile/scrum practices to make design more nimble with less re-work. From large international firms we borrowed cloud-based technology to keep overhead low and span the country efficiently. Even better, we bring the same thinking to development projects to differentiate communities and maximize results.

We dare to ask: what if projects were fun?

Let there be no mistake, real estate development of any sort is risky business at very high stakes. Serious issues will arise and difficult problems will need to be solved. But it doesn't have to be drudgery.

It always takes a team but if that team knows their stuff and gels under the right leadership, the process can actually be fun. In fact, we believe a team that has fun is better equipped to tackle those issues and problems than one which plods through each step.

We love creating new projects for our clients, the staff that work in them and the people who live in them. Our best friends feel the same way. Because we made friends doing this very serious thing in a fun way.