Drive... Far

Master planning is not the same as development.

It is only good stewardship to periodically evaluate your business and your mission. And sometimes you need a radical change to stay ahead of the competition. Done right, a master planning exercise can energize residents, attract employees, increase sales and insulate a community from competition.

At Drive, we believe that master planning cannot be done without a strategic plan. If you've recently completed a strategic plan, now is the best time to engage in a master planning exercise. If you haven't done a strategic plan in a while, get a proposal from us and see how we can help merge your physical assets with a compelling strategic vision, fully appreciating what our focus, passion and insight can tell you about the future.

We've been on the implementation end of comprehensive plans and they always create energy. But we don't believe the creative process at the beginning of those plans is any less exciting and we also don't think they should be a marketing tool for development consultants. They are serious undertakings that need a dedicated effort from a team with development, finance, design, construction and management expertise. That's us.