Hurricanes on the brain

For obvious, if self-centered, reasons, I have hurricanes on my mind. I just left Palm Beach County for Naples to avoid Hurricane Matthew. Now that my family and I are safe, I can think about the dozens of senior living communities left in the path of the storm.

The human side of those communities give me great courage because I know they want to keep everyone safe and will move residents if they feel it's best. For those then end up "hunkering down" they have written procedures, run drills, scheduled staff ad nauseum so I don't even worry that much about the chaos. In many ways, they are more prepared than typical single-family residents. Generators will start and run, windows will stay secure, structures will stand.

What I'm thinking most about is the locked-down, non-optional, entirely indoor life these people will lead for the next couple days. Both residents and staff will be confined until they aren't. Active, healthy adults take the freedom to simply leave wherever they are for granted until times like this. But we have much to entertain and engage us on our lock-down.

What have we done to keep an 88 year-old woman engaged for two days straight? How about a 23 year-old CNA? Are these days even any different than a regular Friday? Should they be?