The strategies and tactics for developing communities for seniors haven't changed much in 40 years. Until now.


We spent 20 years building some of the most prestigious, most successful communities around the country. And we're proud of that work. But we won't be able to serve the wave of tomorrow's mature Americans without changing. The buildings we need won't materialize until we change the process we use. We created Drive Development Partners to lead the industry for the next 40 years.

Our Partners are your partners.

We created Drive for this moment - for anyone who has a plan to serve elders but wants the urgency and, well, drive to get a project done exceptionally. We didn't choose the name Drive by accident. Our energy, skills and tools help great teams create great projects very deliberately, but in an entirely new way. The founding partner learned senior living as a contractor - by seeing each corner guard and cart storage door get selected, purchased, delivered and used. And 12 months later would see what had become of those (and dozens of other) parts. The tools and skills learned to assemble the buildings efficiently combined with a keen interest in how those buildings operated with residents gave Drive a profile you can't get from design, finance or real estate.

We. Know. Senior Living.



We dare to ask: what if projects were fun?

Let there be no mistake, real estate development of any sort is risky business at very high stakes. Serious issues will arise and difficult problems will need to be solved. But it doesn't have to be drudgery.

It always takes a team but if that team knows their stuff and gels under the right leadership, the process can actually be fun. In fact, we believe a team that has fun is better equipped to tackle those issues and problems than one which plods through each step.

We love creating new projects for our clients, the staff that work in them and the people who live in them. Our best friends feel the same way. Because we made friends doing this very serious thing in a fun way.

Project Gallery


Development and project delivery

Brendan Morrow
Founding Partner


Brendan grew up in Fort Lauderdale, FL around the hospitality business. His father managed a resort and Brendan learned the value of devoting a business to customer service.

My favorite moments of any project are when a client or team member says "We've never had a project go like that before - that was so enjoyable." I work my tail off every day to take care of the little things so the big things don't intimidate our partners.

After building ever-larger hospitality projects up and down the east coast, Brendan took a leadership role with an ENR Top 400 contractor in Phoenix where he fell in love with senior living as the marriage of three passions: high-service hospitality, amenity-based residential and challenging health care.

He created Drive Development Partners to bring decades of lessons from his projects to an industry ready for innovation in new models.

Strategy and research

Michael Hass
Founding Partner


Michael grew up in the construction and development business watching his father run a second-generation company his family owns. Michael took the opportunity to learn national-scaled construction with an ENR Top 100 GC. His first project was a skilled nursing addition to a 1920's-era CCRC in Philadelphia and centered around seniors continuously. In 2001, to address a specific need, Michael returned home to develop a new line of business for the family. Having created, grown, and stabilized that business, he returned to national senior living in 2006, taking a leadership role in preconstruction and design.

"Developing senior living projects goes far beyond real estate. I love going back to a community a year after it opens and hearing how happy residents are or how much they love a particular detail or space. There is purpose in what we do and it makes lives better."

To date, his career includes well over seven million square feet of senior housing projects at all acuity levels..

Open Positions

Project Executive

If you can lead people with a passion for customer service, we should talk.



  • Demonstrated understanding of real estate development
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Highly organized
  • Team builder


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